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Bobby Dazzlers !

Bobby Dazzlers !
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A bobby dazzler of a community dedicated to the wonderful bronzed bargain hunter David "The Duke" Dickinson...

"Arguably the best dressed man on TV, his sartorial elegance is matched by his immaculate manners and irrepressible charm. He's a class act from his distinctive head of hair to his designer shoes"


1. He's married to the international cabaret star Lorne Lesley
They've been married for over thirty years. As a wedding gift Lorne gave David an antique, regency mourning ring. Do we detect any irony there?

2. He's had the same hair style since 1969
OK! So that probably doesn't surprise you. But did you know his Mother was a hard working hairdresser?

3. He wears a Jaeger Le Coulter perpetual calendar watch
Issue price £13,000. He bought it for £5,000 in a sale in the late 1970s. Recently valued at £15,000. Now that's what I call a bargain!

4. He's a friend of Peter Stringfellow
If they phone one another on 'bad hair days' you can bet Peter's bill is biggest!

5. He's part Armenian
Is that where he gets his exotic good looks?

6. He lives in an 'Old Barn'
Beautifully converted into a luxurious living space naturally! Nestling in a Cheshire hillside, has one and half acres of land and took eight months to convert into a home.

7. He's been dubbed the 'Real Life Lovejoy'
Lovejoy the lovable rogue antique dealer as personified by Ian McShane in the BBC TV series. In the early days TV producers even wanted David to dress the part and to wear jeans and leather! David comments "Just not me. I like proper clothes."

8. He has his suits made by a Manchester tailor
Isn't it admirable that he buys British and exudes such great taste and style. But he favours Italian ties and look out for the Gucci shoes!

9. Has a passion for fast cars
We've seen him drive a few different classic and sports cars in Bargain Hunt, including a bright yellow Morgan. He now owns a Chevrolet Corvette Stingray.
In the 1970s he used to drive an E type Jag.

10. John Latis, the Greek shipping millionaire, is a valued client
Mr Latis is a friend to Prince Charles and one of David's regular customers.

AND SOME MORE........ ;)

1. Does the Lottery
Every week. If David won his get away destination would be Los Ayalas beach - Mexico and his ideal companion ? His wife Lorne of course.

2. Said 'There are no Bargains any more......
If you want something good, you've got to pay for it." David Dickinson in Arts and Antiques Weekly way back in 1979.

3. Most prized possession is an ornament of the Liberty Bell
It was a gift from his late Grandmother, she believed it was cast from the original Liberty Bell but David later learned that this isn't so. Yet despite it's small monetary worth he considers it invaluable.

4. Doesn't follow a beauty regime
David says 'I shower, use a bit of shampoo, get the hairdryer out and brush the old mop back'

5. He's not a fan of soap!
David is so busy filming these days that when he does get chance to relax at home he loves to watch his big screen TV with his feet up. He doesn't enjoy soaps and prefers old films. And he's not averse to few Bargain Hunt re-runs!

6. Never does the cooking!
Sorry ladies, (may I call you girls?) whatever your fantasies you won't catch
Mr Dickinson wearing a frilly apron because he's not big on household chores. He says 'Not because I'm lazy or chauvinistic' - he's just an old fashioned guy!

7. Is the "Greatest Living Englishman No 72" !
That's according to Loaded Magazine who describe David as "Tabacco permatanned with a proud badger bouffant...like a mutant hybrid Arthur Daley and some check clothed thing out of 'The Wind In The Willows!'" Wow! What do you think Bargain Hunters?

8. His star sign is Leo the lion
Lorne says when they first met 'David's hair reminded me of a lion' . And David describes himself as 'a typical Leo male'.
Well they are very passionate, sun lovers, gregarious, generous and fond of the good life

9. David Dickinson Rocks!
He enjoys Led Zeppelin, Queen and U2, but then again he also likes the music of Mariah Carey and Celine Dion!!!

(With thanks to http://www.david-dickinson.net)

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